Friday, December 30, 2016

my Ode to Dangal

One thing  about Aamir Khan- he is the personification of the adage- “ Work is worship”! This shines through  every  actor, dialogue and  scene in his masterpiece film- Dangal. What a movie! It has to be seen and  experienced to be believed.   Every word, dialogue and scene  keeps the audience mesmerised until we sync with the movie completely, go through the real experience.

This film is about real people  and real situations. Real challenges faced with fortitude and grit ;  overcome with complete dignity and grace. And the director got out the truth in its rawest form possible. The total lack of  empathy and support for less known sports, not only by the authority but by everyone. It brought out the fact the heartache,  elation , victory, failure is the same no matter who or what.  The film showed wrestling in different light altogether, bringing to this sport the recognition and respect it deserves; like all other.
Aamir khan as Mahavir Singh Pogat became  the character  . His brilliance shone through each and  every moment  and im sure every person  in the audience could relate to him totally. His willingness to give his all, sacrifice, at the cost of his family ; the hard work, perseverance and dedication put in evoked in us feelings and emotions, we didn’t know existed.

As an actor, Aamir is , without doubt, a master craftsman;  an artiste in the truest sense. He  breaks his own record in performance and delivery. He is in serious competition- with himself and his interpretation of  art. He just keeps getting better and better.  Not to mention, he’s a perfectionist to the core and that is what we see in this entire film. Every actor, regardless of their role,  was brilliant and gave it their all.

There is so much of soul searching ,  contemplation and introspection. The movie lingers on for days , with bits and pieces of it flashing through your mind, reliving the wonderful experience of Dangal.

The take home message  of Dangal- “nothing is impossible” . What stops us is our mind. If we believe in something and we can work towards it with dedication, patience and sacrifice, we can achieve it.
Hats off to you- Aamir and team. Cannot wait for your next film.

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