Tuesday, January 11, 2011

reality shows

I have been watching an amazing reality show in one of the regional channels. The young kids dancing. What talent and confidence! Hats off to the choreographers especially in a round called "world dance".

The judges, for a welcome change, are very encouraging, gentle and kind. They are professional artists as well.

Of course the kids do lack the finesses and the perfection, but then with the limited exposure and resources, they are exceedingly good.

Last couple of weeks, there is one round called the Challenge round. Kids dance on globes suspended in midair, on ladders, being lifted up by sheets. Yes! They do beautiful acrobatics, twists and turns..and all this WITHOUT a safety harness or hooks!! How can the channel, the judges and the parents allow this? It is so dangerous! One slip, one fall is enough to cause grievous injury, quadraplegia and even death. Why do they put innocent children through this, when all they have to do is to make safety a priority and mandatory!

I can understand this is a competetion..but nothing is worth more than a childs safety and life.

In yesterdays episode, a 11 year old child was dancing in midair, holding onto two sheets. And the mother in the audience, was closing her eyes and praying throughout. Well..but then she is permitting her child to do all this..so why then make this Gods responsibilty?? And one of the judges even commented that the mother was busy praying and did not watch her daughter dance. But noone cares about the child!

In another episode, a child , again doing some complicated steps, twists and turns, is being coached by his father. After the performance, the judge asked him if his father beat him during the training. The kid said "no" glancing at his father. Then this 'father' tells everyone..i admit..i have beaten him! Gosh!! This is child abuse!! and that too coming out in the open like this. Had this happened in any western country, the father would have been taken to task by law and the child put in a foster home! All on counts of 'cruelty'

Sadly, in India, there is NO value for human life, be it big or small, rich or poor. We are not protected by law, by our law keepers nor by our own family! And we talk about generation next!