Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Security for women!

A couple of months ago there was a huge hue and cry in the media regarding the safety of women in the train. It took a death of a young woman for people to realise this. The television channels shouted themselves hoarse, women associations had marches and condolence meetings. Now what? It just died a natural death.

The government or the authorities will not do anything about this for common man like you and me.

Many times, in the railway stations I see a battalion of policemen..just milling around..You guessed it! One of our honourable ministers is boarding the train!  He comes sauntering surrounded by another 50 policemen.He boards the train and along with him 10 policemen. Not only this. Every station the train stops,( about 15 of them) there are about 50 local policemen just waiting for this minister and not to mention, when he reaches his destination!!And all this for the safety of ONE man!!!!! Ironical isn't it? The life of the common man has zero value, that is why no one could be bothered!

But I dont think we should wait for someone to give us protection. What we could do:
1. Learn any form of martial arts. I know kalari payt and this gives me the edge.
2. Carry a pepper spray in your bag or atleast a salt shaker filled with chillie powder.
3. Kick the man hard in his groin. This will incapacitate him temporarily. Bobbiting comes later.
4. Avoid lonely places, going alone and be home by dusk. Men here turn to werewolves post 7 pm..and im talking from experience, which luckily I could handle. Being home at dusk, coming from somebody like me..sounds ridiculous..but its the only thing that works in a place like this..where most men are frustrated, desperate and think of women solely as sex objects.
5. Avoid arguing with a group of people.Mass psychology is sickening and can go to any extremes.They seem  to have courage when they are in a gang and doesnt stop them from doing anything. When they are alone, they are terribly weak and scared.
6. If someone follows you by foot or tries to act funny..just shout at the top of your voice. You will see him scampering off like a rabbit.
7. If someone is following you on a bike or car.just stop and note down the number! They will disappear.
8.Keep police station numbers- control room , vanitha police, highway patrol numbers stored on your mobile.

9. Pray to God. If none of the above works, then your only hope is God..
Stay safe/ stay strong

Monday, March 28, 2011

morning walks

Up at 5.45 am..ready to leave by 6 am..( have to tell you that i hit the sack at 9.30 pm every night)..and im away on my long walks..I love it! he cool breeze, the fresh air..i take big gulps of the crisp morning air and i feel like i am floating! The birds twitter..the leaves rustle..the serene sorrounding..i drink in all this feeling ecstatic..

as i walk along..i wonder..in the path i take we are about 10 regular walkers..most of them above 60 who have started walking on doctors orders- could be the heart or the brain..and they do it with such lethargy and such a grumpy expression. For crying out loud..why cant they be happy that they are alive and walking!!
Another feature very particular only to Kerala is that when i pass the walkers they smell so good..Gosh! I must be stinking..i wonder how they manage to have their bath with sweet smelling soap, douse themselves with talc and get ready in the wee hours..so thats something for my olfactory stimulation..i make sure i take deep breaths when i pass by..

one thing that upsets me is that we make such a mess..what i find is lay packets, broken bottles, dosa maav cover, plastic sheets by the dozen ( and calicut is a plastic free city) and all kinds of rubbish..all lying around..i think we should each be responsible to make sure we keep our sorroundings clean and tidy..is it that difficult???? I think its our moral and social reponsibility..if each one of us did our thing..then we dont need the cleaning crew!!
So i think we should all start walking ( its free by the way!) and enjoy the feeling of being alive and amidst our beautiful nature and city..the way it appears at 6 am!!:)