Saturday, November 20, 2010

the road diggers!!

Have you ever noticed the state of our roads..well..the state its cannot miss.
We do spend a lot of time on the road- in cars, autos, buses and as pedestrians.Why not? The roads are meant for us and we are the taxpayers as we are all kind of owners of the roads.

But what do we get in return??

The following-\

Potholes ( to which if you fall into would double up as a grave), broken parts, uneven footpaths ( where there ARE footpaths), gravel and sometimes not even a road!!!!..thanks to the leaders we elect year after year ..thats another story by itself..

but what i wanted to share was something  else..yess..the road diggers!

In a radius of 3 kms, at any time of the year, you will find minimum 4 places where there is active digging going on..either in the middle , sides or on footpaths. If you ask them..they will be from water authority, electricity board or the telephone departments ( sometimes even private citizens digging for some connection or the other)

Errrr..but they are not 'exactly' from the departments..but contract workers whose only job is to DIG!

At times you find the 'supervisor' ( some of them have aides who hold umbrellas over their heads for sun and rain )  with an air of importance and supremacy ,for about 30 minutes or so to ensure that the digging starts on time. Thats the last you see of them

Some places we find a board saying "men at work', other places a stick dug into the ground..if we are lucky the stick will have a red cloth hanging on it ( in Kerala there is no dearth for red cloth of course) But most of the time, you will find mud slung carelessly on both sides that indicates some serious digging is happening

And then the diggers are it..digging deep and wide in desperate vigour and enthusiasm! It may last 2 hours, half a day, one day, several days. Sometimes we find them coming back in regular intervals as well to continue where they left off..more diggging of course!

Whatever the time duration what we are left with is this-

- trenches that are dug and left open. With no warning signs or boards. Just like that! Maybe the contract workers are hired just to dig it open and not close them.

- hurriedly closed holes that look like  heavily  pregnant boas.

- closed holes with huge pipes thrown on them ( which luckily are gaily colourful!)

- and not a single person ACCOUNTABLE or  ANSWERABLE to such irresponsibilities!

So we what we have learnt

- take all this in our stride..even accept it
- master the art of walking or steering expertly around and through these trenches- closed or opened.
- and still continue to pay road taxes!

Jai Hind!

Friday, November 19, 2010

horns and honks

Typical day...on the road..

traffic jams, people crossing the road at their will and wish, bicycles trying to overtake you, cops flagging down suspected offenders, dead animals, threatening bus drivers..scenes after scenes of a drama unfolds..

but the Oscar goes to...The HONKERS!!! are in a block that is a mile long...all stuck like sardines in a can.and this smart alec ( always a male..) starts honking!!! what the hell does he want ME to do??? fly 6 feet above so he can drive past???

Again you are in a traffic light..behind 20 cars..the light turns green..and guess what?? even when the light is orange our hero starts what? does he think im settling down in that space?

Other day I was in a highway..very light traffic..a car about 10 metres behind me and nothing between us.. honking non stop...for what????

Once in Nadakkav junction, I actually got out of the car and went and yelled at this retard who was leaning on his horn despite a dozen vehicles AND a cop in  front of my car.. and he is looking at me bewildered with a look that said..'now what did I do'?...sigh

In a nutshell..people honk and honk..why?

Coz they have a horn and they SHOULD use it??
Is it a syndrome?
Is it a manifestation of some unresolved experence?
Is it a superiority complex? listen..i have a horn and its my birthright ????
Coz its freeeeeee????? Not taxable?????

Whatever..they are enough to give anyone a severe, untreatable case of road rage..and not to mention..Noise pollution!

But we can do something..charge people for every time they use the horn for NO reason ..which is like almost every time!! Calicut will be RICH! :)

anyways guys..One for the road! Cheers!!:)

have you wondered....

Have you ever wondered..

In an ATM, the reciepts are thrown all over ..some crumpled..some torn..

and all this  inspite of a waste paper basket kept there for the very purpose?

Its crazy..

Is it that people

* dont care
* dont know
* dont bother
* too lazy to bend
* bad aim

Whatever it is not good at all..a decent level of responsibilty,cleanliness and concern should be in all ATM users.

I have seen baskets mounted at waist level in some atms..but even then!!!! Papers scattered all over!!!

Why ask for receipts in the first place if you dont want to keep them?

Maybe the ATM machine should have facility to check your balance too?

At least then we will have clean ATM's..One day hopefully. Will we???