Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am ME!

I am me!

If you ask me to describe myself, i guess the oddest of the adjectives would be applicable to me..

Eccentric, unconventional, wild, crazy, weird, non conforming, extreme, unpredictable..I could go on and on..

But i was still me..maybe i took an oath at birth..that i wouldnt change for anything or anyone..refused to change and even now im the same. I am ME with all my imperfections and truthfulness..yes thats another part of me..discretion has never been in my dictionary..if someone asks me..i will tell them the truth ( unless the person/s with me dont want me to say)

while growing kids..we are hardly judgemental..or i was just accepted..and the teachers at school..well..i guess they had no choice.,.,with my dad having built the school and mom the local power house..they had to turn a blind eye to my idiosyncracies.. college..i was still the same..i didnt have to act..never pretended..i was ME..many people came in contact with me and left as fast..but some have remained with part of me..the same continued as we were thrown out into the wild bad world..again.people trooped in and out of my life...and some stayed..and they became a part of me and vice versa..

what i want to tell the world today-- i marvel at the way how these friends have just accepted me for what i am.,,for who i am..non judgemental, ungrudgingly.unquestioningly..totally and what more..loved me as much.. questions explainations needed for any of my actions or reactions..i have lived my life the way i wanted to..( of course-- the cardinal rule is whatever i do..i ensure noone gets hurt) ..sometimes socially unacceptable...but nothing mattered to them..but me..they stood by solid rock through my thicks and thins/sins...these people must be superior beings.. dearest friends who are around the world..i bow to you..i salute you.. and i dedicate this blog to you.,.and from the bottom of my heart..thank you for accepting me, loving me and keeping me as I am..I am so proud and happy that you wonderful people are a such an essential part of my gloriuos world...and have given me so much to live for and live with..when you could have just walked stayed..

God bless you all...and peace be with you always..

To all my love and my gratitude.. I LOVE YOU ALL..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Guzarish isnt a movie! Its an experience! Exhilarating..enchanting  and exotice..

I havent been touched by any other movie more intensely than this one. Or moved so much.The way emotions have been depicted , handled and expressed is to be felt than seen or heard. Each one so different but finally so complete and total- Fear, frustration, love, forgiveness, pain, disappointments, passion. Every relationship- friendship, motherhood, lovers, professional has been  tried, tested ,pulled apart and put together in perfect symmetry ,with so much intensity and without the drama! You go through each one, savouring them, living them and at the same recalling similar moments and relationships in our own lives. So damn beautiful.

Whats most amazing was the depiction of love in its highest , purest and truest form! Such sublime love reserved for  the very privileged few. The rest of us can only go through this through Guzarish! There is no take.only give, there is no expressing only feeling, there is no speech, only touch, there are no promises, only honouring them, there is no wishing, only doing.And we go through each of this..and how!!!!! ..a roller coaster ride ..of confusion, passion, compassion..of wanting,seeking and longing ..and wanting more, seeking more and longing more ...and this feeling stays on with us...being a part of us..

That people can rise so high, that relationships can be so sacred and holy..questions do doubts..are these human beings for real? Sanjay Leela Bansali has done it again! He has risen above the ordinary, above the mundane, above the unreal and given us the gift of GUZARISH! Hats off to you, Sanjay! And thank you for this most AMAZING  180 minutes experience you gave us! Unforgettable!