Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We are never in the present. We either live in the past or are thinking about the future. So we are pining , regretting or dreaming and  planning.  When and where do we actually LIVE? Where is the NOW?

Life  is dynamic , unexpected , mysterious, fickle  and at times ruthless. But what fills us with fear, trepidation, anxiety and confusion is the UNCERTAINTY and not knowing. We all have this deep need to have control and  to know. We don’t like surprises, but hey, life is full of surprises, sometimes nasty ones!  

“Man proposes, God disposes”- this adage is so true. We plan and when things don’t go our way ( most of the time they don’t ) we go through feelings of  frustration, fear, insecurity, confusion, anger, negativity or depression which results in high level of  stress, illnesses , disturbances and conflicts that affect us personally, psychologically, emotionally, professionally and socially. Some of us take the self destructive path of addictions, fixations, obsessions and compulsions . So the battles continue- internally and  with external forces.

We succumb  very easily  because  we think we  are weak ,vulnerable, susceptible. More so we consider ourselves as victims of circumstances or destiny. 

One thing we must understand and accept  is that all the events  of life , whether positive or not,  are beyond our control.  The way we respond and react to these events is what makes the difference.
And the other thing we must realize that each one  is strong, powerful  with infinite potential and possibilities.

But how do  we deal with life now?  We deal  on a  physical and mental level  ( ego and feelings) so its but natural we feel betrayed, hurt and destroyed.
So how else can we deal with life?

By dealing with life from a higher plane
By being Aham Brahmasmi- the power

Lets change what we can with determination and grace.
Lets accept what we can’ t with resilience and grace .

An Aham Brahmasmi:

Recognizes ,accepts  and utilizes  the immense potential;  infinite possibilities and absolute power  bestowed by the Almighty

Realises , discovers and uses inbuilt gifts, capabilities and abilities.

Functions perfectly  well independently and fearlessly.

Is  powerful, free and liberated

Leads a beautiful and blissful life

Is his own  master


Becoming Aham Brahmasmi
First of all we need to be Conscious and Aware of our thoughts, words, actions, responses and reactions. This will put us in charge of our life and we CHOOSE to live positively and  with enthusiasm. Only then can we celebrate , savor and cherish every moment of life living for NOW.

Tools needed
 Your Body and Mind what you already have
Your  spirit- the inner energy- what you are abundantly blessed with.
Your guides- who will  share the secrets and take you through the process assisting you to be Aham Brahmasmi.

The Process

Creating  a strong foundation  or a base. You have to be rooted and  grounded  firmly so you can evolve and fly as high as you want.

Connecting to the Body , Mind & Spirit and integrating and synthesizing  it into a perfect balance.

Body- Making it strong , energetic and flexible through movements, positions and balance. A semi detox diet to cleanse it.

Mind-  Making it conscious ,calm , still and clear through breathing techniques and practices. Making it  strong through application of logic. Finally using the freewill.

Spirit- Discovering your inner  energy ( through chakras)   and synergizing  it with universal energy

Establishing an easy and intimate relationship with your deeper self so you can choose and guide  your thoughts , words, actions and responses with a deeper level of consciousness

Synergizing the internal balance with the external forces

 Charging, maintaining and sustaining  the inner balance under all circumstances through a very  simple everyday  process

Living a life of Health, Peace, Harmony ,Bliss  and personal Freedom.

And all this happens in  THREE days  residential weekend retreat

No gurus, no gyans, no fundas, no philosophies, no drama, no rituals, no past, no future, nothing abstract, no promises in the air, no rocket science - just  honest, straight and direct with a simple, easy and fundamental process .It is all about now, what you have , what you can feel, see and what you are in control of.

Embark on  an exciting  journey within -awakening, changing and transforming through the integration and balance  of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Be liberated from pain and suffering by  wisely using the  unlimited power and natural abilities you  possess. We just guide you through it.


Allow us to guide you to experience Conscious Living – Sat ,Chitha, Ananda ( Truth, Consciousness , Bliss) through a simple process of  the “Aham Brahmasmi

About us

Persona is a transformation hub that enriches, elevates and empowers people. The sensitive and expert team led by Digvijay Singh and Babita Madhwaraj work in perfect synergy  guiding  people . They stay with you as you explore within  and establish a beautiful, strong and conscious   relationship  with the SELF. They leave you feeling empowered and liberated  thus completing the process of “ Aham Brahmasmi”


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