Thursday, July 11, 2013

Selfishness Vs Selflessness

Selflessness is a virtue! Agree? But who has ever found out??? Coz at the end of the day EVERY human being is selfish and the sooner we accept that the better it is for us and for everyone around us.

Humans are not engineered or even capable of loving anyone more than themselves! Maybe as much..but never ever more!

When I started my talk with this truth to a group of women, there was chaos! Utter and complete chaos!! They all said they love their children the most and they would do anything for their child! One of them gave an example of how if she had one apple and her child asked for it she would happily give it! ( i would give it any child whether they ask for it or not) ,  another said her child's happiness is greater than hers ( provided of course if it suits her at that point of time) yet another said the most bonded  and precious relationship is that of a mother- child and a mother would do ANYTHING for that child! " Hold it there" I said.".by anything you mean anything"? One said" yes, even give our lives"! Bingo!

I posed the next question- If mothers are willing to give their lives, then how come we don't see any mother dying when her child dies'?  ( rare exceptions are the mentally disturbed ones) There was a long silence and everyone were squirming in their seats. They had no answer because there are NO answers! Life does go on with or without anyone! 

Agreed!  Mothers are  the most selfless of the lot! But most of it is done for self gratification, the desperate need to feel needed and wanted, to feel indispensable at least to someone!  I do need to add here even this is as long as the child does what she wants it to do! We often see when children grow up and have their opinions and sometimes disagree or contradict their moms, then some things change ( and not necessarily for the better!!  and not to mention the incessant chanting of how MUCH they are doing for their family! Tchh tchh..But then this is a different story altogether!

To put it in a nutshell! What is the moral of the story? Accept the fact that you need to have a life for  yourself  (at least a little- without feeling guilty or miserable) at least for an hour in a day do something just for yourself- dance, sing, start a hobby, do something productive ( watching soaps and chatting on the net dont count), balance your life and most important GET A LIFE! You will be a happy person and you will die a more contented person.
Zindagi rocks- selfish or selfless! :)


  1. It's hard to write words of condolence especially if you do not know what to say first. But it is essential to send a message or card to let them know that you care and how the deceased person means to you. It is a great idea if you involve something personal like a fond memory you shared of the person who has died.

    1. will do leonshaw..thank you so much for your feedback..take care